Analog Integrated Circuit Design

2nd edition

Model Files

Model files for representative CMOS technologies are provided below.

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  1. Matt says:


    For technology 0.18um 1.8V BSIM 3.1:

    1. What is W and L range (Wmin, Wmax, Lmin, Lmax)?
    2. What is size step (is it called scale factor?) for W and L? For example, is it equal to 1nm, that is 0.001 um?

    Kind Regards,

    1. TCC says:

      These details are not specified in the posted model file.

  2. Bhumit Rojivadia says:

    In 0.18um model card, in values of some parameters such as Tox, U0 etc. there is additional term “proc_delta”, what it means and what value it takes while simulation?
    Thank you.

    1. TCC says:

      The term “proc_delta” is a simluation parameter that accounts for deviations in certain transistor parameters (Tox, U0, etc.) from their nominal values due to manufacturing process variations. Note the model card is not to be used on its own. Included in the same zip file are include files for …ff, …ss, and …tt process corners (fast, slow and typical respectively) which assign appropriate values to proc_delta and then instantiate the model card.

  3. sanaz says:

    I use 0.18um CMOS model for my design. I downloaded its Model File from your site. Would you please telling me which parameter shows the factor “n” of subthreshold region of MOSFET?
    Thanks alot

    1. TCC says:

      The most significant parameters are “NFACTOR=2.30E+00” for NMOS and “NFACTOR=2.00E+00” for PMOS in the 0.18um model provided. However, other terms such as CDSC, CDSCD and CDSCB capture channel length dependent effects on n.

  4. pankaj prajapati says:

    please specify model foundry for the listed model file.

    1. TCC says:

      These are general BSIM models; they are not models for any specific foundry.

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