For Instructors

For Microelectronic Circuits, 8th edition, many learning and teaching resources for students and instructors are available from the publisher here. Instructors may also be interested in the online problem set questions detailed below.

A solutions manual and instructor slides for Analog Integrated Circuit Design, 2nd edition are available for secure download below. Instructors may also contact the publisher here for further support.

Instructor Files for Microelectronic Circuits, 8th Edition

Formula Questions for Online Learning

These are online problem sets, based on the text, that can be incorporated into learning management systems that use Canvas. They are are QTI format. They use the “formula problem” feature of Canvas to provide radomized parameters and formulas to calculate and autograde students’ answers. They can be imported into your course following the instructions here.

If you’re interested, contact us to request access.

Instructor Files for Analog Integrated Circuit Design, 2nd edition

Contact us to request access.

Figures in Powerpoint 2003 (*.ppt) format

Sample Instructor Slides in Powerpoint 2007 (*.pptx) format

Solutions to end-of-chapter problems in PDF format