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  1. Dear Professor Carusone,

    Happy New Year. This is Omid Kavehei from the University of Sydney.

    I have been using your book in my 2nd year ELEC2104 Electronic Circuits course at the Electrical Engineering School and now going to introduce it again alongside a Biomedical Instrumentation book for my newly designed and to be delivered BMET5957 Bioelectronic Medicine Circuits and Systems course at the School of Biomedical Engineering https://www.sydney.edu.au/courses/units-of-study/2021/bmet/bmet5957.html

    We faced a huge issue with labs last year and also Analog Discovery 2 boards went out of stock for a good portion of the year which meant we had to go a long way to accommodate students need and we did it. I now found your amazing effort in going online with your new Canvas compatible set on analogicdesign.com

    I would like to … congratulate you for the effort… Thank you.


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